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Everything At Your Feet Song Lyrics In English

Everything At Your Feet Song Lyrics In EnglishODESZA Lyrics


Song Writer ODESZA

With full hands I hugged you
Con manos llenas te abracé

And you did nothing to understand
Y no hiciste nada para entender
I put it all at your feet
Lo puse todo a tus pies

And my lips will always count
Y mis labios siempre contarán

The great lack that you will make me
La gran falta que tu me harás

And my eyes will always keep
Y mis ojos siempre guardarán

The farce that I found in your love
La farsa que encontré en tu amor
I feel that you live in my heart
Siento que vives en mi corazón

I know very well that you are not going to leave
Se muy bien que no vas a salir

I will miss you all my skin
Te extrañara toda mi piel

And in my caresses you will always be there
Y en mis caricias siempre estarás ahi