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[Intro: Heeseung]
Give me fever

[Verse 1: Jake, Sunoo]
Eyes like ice, glaring red
Breaking me in two, shaking me
Standing in front of your throne
A fire burns inside me

[Verse 2: Sunghoon, Niki, Jay]
What I gotta do, my burning hands
Reach out to you but I cannot have it
I cannot touch you, never
But I’m drawn to you
The more I hurt the more I want you

[Pre Chorus: Niki]
Please stop, don’t stop
Please stop, don’t stop (Ah)

[Chorus: Jungwon, Jay, Heeseung, Sunghoon]
My body is burning up because of you
My heart thirsts because of you
Like a fever, fever, fever, fever
I want to embracе you
I want to embrace you
Push me away but my firе still burns
Turn to ash but the flame still rises
Like a fever, fever, fever
I want to ache for you
I want to ache for you

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