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hosanna lyrics Song In English

hosanna lyrics Song In English – Hosanna Lyrics


Singer Hosanna
Singer Hosanna
Music Hosanna
Song Writer Hosanna



Yen idhayam udaithaai norungave
en maru idhayam tharuven nee udaikkave

My Heart broke into pieces…
Let me give you another one to break…

andhi neram andhi neram
kan paarthu kandhalaagi pona neram…yedho aache..
oh vaanam theendi vandhachu appavin thittu ellam kaatrodu poye poche

At dusk…in the darkness saw you…
I fumbled That’s when….something happened…in the dusky darkness
I crossed the skies in search of u and came back While Dad’s scoldings have gone away with the wind

hosanna, en vaasal thaandi ponaaley
hosanna. verondrum seyyaamaley
naan aadipogiren sukku nooraagiren
aval pona pinbu endhan nenjai thedi pogiren.

I pray, Coz I went past my doorstep
I Pray, Did nothing else…
I was shaken and shattered into pieces
Once she left I went searching for my heart

hosanna vaazuvukku pakkam vandhen
hosanna saavukkuu pakkam nindren
hosanna yenendraal kadhal enben hosanna

I pray, Coz I came closer to life
I pray, I stood next to death
I pray, ask why, Coz its love